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Frequently asked questions

1). Can I bring my cat?

No sorry you cannot- not all cats get along it will be super stressful for your cat and our cats

2). Do I need to book a spot before coming?

Bookings are not mandatory, we definitely  welcome walk-ins, so pass by whenever you want!

3). Are children allowed?

Yes children of all ages are allowed but strictly monitored by their parents/guardian and our staff. Entry fee is also applied on them from walking age. Please be advised that if they break the rules we will have to ask you to leave the room and no refund will be given. 

4). Can I touch/play with the cats?

Yes of course you can, but please do not pick the cats up or bother them when they do not want to be touched. *You will read the rules before walking in the cat room.

5). Is entry fee applied even if I did not finish the full hour?

Yes it is, you will pay the entry before walking in the cat room.

If you have any further questions please feel free to send us on

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